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UnderCity Games was created as a vehicle of vanity and necessity. In the years that I have been participating in the gaming hobby, there have come many times where I saw a product that I thought to myself, I can do that. Only for many reasons (the least of not , simple procrastination) I never did. Then came a time when I decided to stop thinking about it and simply do it. And I began just that. First freelancing (which I still do) then, with some trepidation, put out my own product.
So first I looked to my own game for the things I used and needed. And that is where I decided to focus my efforts. I also have the good fortune to have friends and associates that are enormously talented in their own right and have been willing to contribute to some collaborative projects and to them I am forever grateful.
What the future holds for UnderCity Games is unwritten, however in the spirit of the hobby that gave birth to it, I am sure it will be an adventure.

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